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AdminLTE -- is a fully responsive admin template. Based on Bootstrap 3 & 4 framework. Highly customizable and easy to use. Fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. Check out the live preview now and see for yourself.

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Tải & Xem thử tại AdminLTE.IO

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Tài liệu và hướng dẫn cài đặt(Documentation & Installation Guide)

Visit the online documentation for the most
updated guide.

"AdminLTE Presentation"

Đóng góp thêm(Contribution)

Contribution are always welcome and recommended! Here is how:

  • Fork the repository (here is the guide).
  • Clone to your machine git clone
  • Make your changes
  • Create a pull request

Yêu cầu đóng góp(Contribution Requirements):

  • When you contribute, you agree to give a non-exclusive license to AdminLTE.IO to use that contribution in any context as we (AdminLTE.IO) see appropriate.
  • If you use content provided by another party, it must be appropriately licensed using an open source license.
  • Contributions are only accepted through Github pull requests.
  • Finally, contributed code must work in all supported browsers (see above for browser support).

Bản quyền(License)

AdminLTE is an open source project by AdminLTE.IO that is licensed under MIT. AdminLTE.IO
reserves the right to change the license of future releases. Wondering what you can or can't do? View the license guide.

Thông tin phát hành phiên bản(Legacy Releases)

AdminLTE 1.x can be easily upgraded to 2.x using this guide, but if you intend to keep using AdminLTE 1.x, you can download the latest release from the releases section above.

Nhật ký thay đổi(Change log)

For the most recent change log, visit the releases page. We will add detailed release notes to each new release.

Thông tin khác(Info)

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